Portfolio | Peter Birkdal Peterson




I was headhunted to help build the UX practice for Vertafore and redesign a core application over multiple releases. Goal was (and still is) to move a Windows based client to the cloud.


The application is vertical business solution for the insurance industry specifically for insurance agencies. To become a modern application without alienating a very conservative user base the design work was staged very strategically for a gradual roll out.

Besides leading a small UX team my work for Vertafore is very much centered around being a thought leader and to help develop the organization towards a user centric approach.


Part of the strategy was to avoid reactionary behavior toward data and feedback that had hurt the application in the past. The application had become an organically grown pile of features without consistency in UI patters and behaviors.

A lot of my early work on AMS360 was essentially based on understanding the very basics of the application to gauge where an UX effort should start

Since the UI patterns were well established there was rarely a need to go beyond detailed wireframes to convey a given UI

Annotated wireframes were a core part of any project and together with the Amazon standards of 1,3 and 5 pagers how the projects were documented and presented to the SCRUM based development teams

For more fundamental changes (from standard behavior and UI patters) I used more detailed comps and HTML prototypes. From time to time I combined comps and HTML for faster turn over between usability testing and design iterations

For AMS360 long term designs and prototypes that would help steer the application forward. Take it out of the current functionality and into new contexts