Portfolio | Peter Birkdal Peterson




I started working for Amazon in a full time position after a few years in different consulting positions. My job was with the Seller Experience team that provides the UX design support for the services Amazon provides as a sales channel for third party vendors.


 Amazon has a fairly established set of UI and interaction patterns and that most new features needs to be seen in this context. In addition there is a very strong focus on the performance of the pages.

I worked on mutliple features ranging from large initiatives as creating a sales channel for the Chinese market (amazon.cn), to smaller projects where I more or less functioned as a UX consultant for the project leads.


I also drove an effort to significantly update the general list pattern across the seller experience as well as I focussed on continuous smaller UI improvements that could be fitted in with the development teams other efforts.

Flows and site maps was a very important part of documenting designs on the seller UX team due to the strong emphasis on reuse existing information architecture

Since the UI patterns were well established there was rarely a need to go beyond detailed wireframes to convey a given UI

Annotated wireframes were a core part of any project and together with the Amazon standards of 1,3 and 5 pagers how the projects were documented and presented to the SCRUM based development teams

For more fundamental changes (from standard behavior and UI patters) I used more detailed comps and HTML prototypes. From time to time I combined comps and HTML for faster turn over between usability testing and design iterations

Shown here is a prototype Android application I created in to explore what the seller team could do in the mobile space.


The mockups were done in Photoshop using the guidelines and templates Google provided at the time.


IMy design approach was to combine the standards of the Android platform comined with level of carry over  of the branded experience from the Amazon website experience.